• 3
      nerv.me - url shortener, makes big urls small

      nerv.me a short linking service by creative digital agency - nerv interactive. feel free to create reduced character links for twitter and social media sharing here.

    • 4
      liil.nl - URL Shortener

      liil.nl - URL Shortener and easy pastebin.

    • 5
      ow.nlink url shortener

      ow.nl ink url shortener

    • 6
      page restrictor ping

      A free URL shortener brought to you by vaggi.eu

    • 7
      unzensiert url shortener

      unzensiert url shortener

    • 8
      το ελληνικό url shortener!

      μετατρέψτε μεγάλα url σε μικρά για εύκολη χρήση σε twitter, facebook και email.

    • 9
      access forbidden!

      DragonSearch URL Shortener

    • 10
      qi.lv - url shortener

      Long url: Url must start with http:// or https://

    • 13
      yourls — your own url shortener | http://32a.me

      insert url « yourls » your own url shortener' | http://32a.me

    • 14
      403 forbidden

      4tuit.us: Your Own URL Shortener

    • 15

      Url shortener Create a short URL

    • 16
      contest unavailable - site maintenance

      Home We shorten your URLs, so you don't have to! We shorten your URLs, so you don't have to!

    • 17
      in4.ca URL Shortener

      Welcome to IN4.CA

    • 18
      djawir URL Shortener

      djawir URL Shortener

    • 19

      Shapeways URL shortener

    • 20
      website.ws - your internet address for life™

      URL Shortener © 2005 - 2012 Locora, Inc

    • 21
      netrevenda - url shortener

      URL : Encurtar para : http://netrv.to/

    • 22
      ut.ag url shortener

      ut.ag url shortener

    • 23
      mrs2.be url shortener

      mrs2.be is only available for private use.

    • 24
      url shortener

      Url Shortener : a Free Software Business Tools

    • 23
      iBrochure URL Shortener

      Please log in or register to view this page!

    • 24
      OLIEU Public URL shortener

      It works!

    • 25
      alic.at url shortener

      Alic.at URL shortener

    • 26
      url shortener : refr.us | su.rfer

      URL: =><= url shortener service

    • 27
      i7y.us - url shortener

      Long URL:

    • 28
      Veehd Url Shortener

      is the official url shortener for feel free to contact us at support@veehd.com with your questions or suggestions.

    • 29
      dripable url shortener

      Dripable URL shortener Dripable URL shortener. Dripable - Drip Feed Blasts for more information.

    • 30
      46q.us - URL Shortener for PA


    • 33
      i found a website! (another url shortener)

      I Found a Website! (Another URL Shortener)

    • 34
      not another url shortener

      not another url shortener

    • 35
      uxu.me - the advanced url shortener

      is the only URL Shortener service including a powerful filtering system against porn, malwares, phishing, violence, drugs, etc...

    • 36
      contact support

      enter a new url to shorten

    • 37
      401 authorization required

      B1Y.DE - URL Shortener

    • 38
      mussla.de – der url-shortener für musslautsein.de

      mussla.de – der URL-Shortener für musslautsein.de !

    • 39
      Ziz.me: The Leading Ziz Site on the Net

      Ziz.me: The Leading Ziz Site on the Net ziz.me has been connecting our visitors with providers of Adventure Travel, Africa Travel, Air Tr...

    • 40
      ezr.me ls

      ezr.me is a private URL shortener.

    • 41

      Koya URL Shortener Enter a new URL to shorten Optional custom keyword: http://koya.ws/ Enter a new URL to shorten

    • 42
      404 not found

      YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener

    • 43
      Q3W Hosting URL Shortener

      Q3W Hosting URL Shortener

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  • Earn money for each visitor to your shortened links with adf.ly! Use a URL shortener service that pays.
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